The Features You Should Have in Your Next Point and Shoot Camera

I am not a photographer by any means, but I do love taking pictures. For an amateur photographer like me, it is always better to go for a point and shoot camera as it is very easy to use and at the same time takes good quality pictures. The camera I have right now is good, but it has some drawbacks that I would like to rectify through my next purchase.



Quality sensor size

After some research, I found out that a quality picture is not all about just “megapixels”. I want my future point and shoot camera to have good sensor size. A camera with quality sensor size will be able to take quality pictures even in poor light conditions. We can easily find compact cameras with large image sensors but they are comparatively costly compared to point and shoot cameras. The latest PowerShot series from Canon offers very good quality image sensors when compared to other brands.



Focal length

Lens focal length is another feature I am more concerned about having in my future point and shoot camera. I consider the lens focal length to be more important than the zoom factor. You should go for a camera that offers at least 28 mm focal length as it is capable of taking quality pictures even in areas that have less space. Nikon and Canon offer good quality point and shoots cameras with quality lens focal length.




Display resolution is another factor you need to focus on when buying a new point and shoot camera. You should never go for a camera that offers less than 2.5-inch display. Panasonic has a large screen that allows you to shoot from different angles.



Other Features

In my view, more than size what matters is the features. You can get a tiny point and shoot camera, but the features it offers will be very less and it will be more complicated to use as well. Most slim point and shoot camera’s lack quality zoom and advanced features. But if you go for a normal point and shoot camera you can get quality zoom and excellent features like Wi-Fi capability.



And with the touch screen dominating the market, I would like to buy a point and shoot camera that offers touch capability.  It will make your job of adjusting the controls easy and can shoot excellent pictures in the automatic mode.



Ability to shoot HD videos is another feature I need in my future purchase. Now that I know the features I would like to have in the point and shoot camera I plan to buy, I can easily find one and enhance my photography experience.


The Best Camcorder Manufacturers

When it comes to choosing the best camcorder, it becomes really difficult as there are countless options. Every day a new model or a new brand with excellent features is being launched in the market. So, how do you select the best camcorder?


In my view, it is always better to first look at the brand name. Even though there are many brands, you need to look for a brand that has years of experience in providing quality cameras with excellent customer service.




wo1For the last few years, Sony has been dominating the market with high-quality camcorders. They are offering various models at different price range. Sony camcorder offers desirable features at an affordable price. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, it is easy to use the Sony camcorder and takes awesome videos.

Sony, who entered the HD camcorder market late, has introduced various models in the last couple of years. One of the top models is the “Sony Handycam FDR – AX 100/B”. The easy to use model is sleek in design and offers high-quality videos. The ZEISS lens is smooth and turns quite easily. It has a 14.2 megapixel CMOS sensor and a 3.5 inch LCD touch screen. The Sony brand is known for giving not only high-quality videos but also excellent quality audio. All this makes Sony occupy the top most position in my list of best camcorder manufacturers.




wo2This company has launched various entry level models as well as high-end models in the last few years. The main advantage of Canon camcorders is that they offer attractive features at a comparatively lower price than Sony. One of their most attractive models is the Canon Vixia HFG10. It has the ability to shoot 1080 HD videos and has 10X optical zoom. The 2.37 megapixel CMOS sensor and the 3.5 inch LCD view screen makes it an attractive model especially for people like me who are just entering the world of high-end camcorders.




wo3At number three is Panasonic. One of the pioneers in the market, Panasonic has been delivering quality camcorders for many years now. The models offered by Panasonic has the latest features like built-in Wi-Fi, 5.1 channels zoom, extendable memory, and 3D conversion lens and gun microphones. Panasonic HC-X920 Digital camcorder is one of the top selling models from Panasonic.



If you are planning to buy a new camcorder, my suggestion is to go for a brand that delivers high-quality performance. All the 3 brands mentioned here are known for good quality products and provide excellent after sales service.

Expensive Radar Detectors – Are They Really Better?

Let me start with a question. Would you trust the safety measures offered by a cheap car or the safety measures offered by a high-end car? I am sure your answer will be the second option, that is – safety measures offered by a high-end car. Similar should be the case with radar detectors.


You must not compromise on the quality of the radar detector in order to save a few dollars. The most common problem with inexpensive radar detectors is that it does not detect sensitive microwave frequency. Only good quality radar detectors will be able to detect these microwave frequencies. So, for a safe and peaceful ride on the road, you need an expensive radar detector.

wo9Most of us excited about speed but are always concerned about when we will get the next speed ticket as there are many speed cameras installed on the highway. Even though we all are aware of the speed limits and guidelines, at certain times these speed detectors come across as a hindrance. Radar detectors come to our rescue in such situations.

wo10So, before going into details about why you need an expensive or good quality radar detector, you need to understand the basic functionality of radar detectors. A good radar detector is a machine installed by drivers in their vehicle to know if authorities are monitoring the speed of the vehicle.

When selecting a radar detector, you need to focus on its features and attributes.  Cheap radar detectors may score over expensive radar detectors when it comes to the cost factor, but the cheap alternatives do not match the standard and quality of expensive radar detectors. In fact, in my experience, I have found that the GPS server feature available in the high-end radar detectors and laser detectors help the driver by informing about the red-light cameras installed along the highway. These features will be missing in a cheap radar detector that you purchase from the market.


Another strong point that makes me support expensive radar detectors over cheap radar detectors is the ability of expensive radar detectors to never fall for false alarms. They are not prone to false alarms and in the long run, you can easily see the advantages it has over cheap radar detectors.

You can get excellent quality radar detectors for $100 – $200. Therefore, taking into account all the advantages discussed here, I would recommend every driver to go for an expensive radar detector.

For some more info on radar detectors, you can read this great guide.

Regular GPS units being replaced by smartphone apps

wo4There is no doubt that the Smartphone, today, has replaced many standalone devices. No one is interested in buying an alarm clock, a calendar or to an extent a compact camera. Most of us are comfortable using a Smartphone that can handle all these and many other tasks. The case with regular GPS units is also the same. Slowly it is being replaced by Smartphone apps.

My Smartphone, like any other Smartphone, does have GPS capability that can function just like dedicated regular GPS unit. In my experience, they are more convenient and capable of providing a faster solution compared to regular GPS units.

wo5One advantage that the Smartphone has over regular GPS units is that Smartphones have full mapping installed by default. In regular GPS units, a high-speed internet connection is required to download maps as and when required. So, in areas where the internet connection is slow, it will struggle. But, if you are an ardent traveler like me, and want an easy to use GPS system, then you will prefer a regular GPS unit over a Smartphone App.

The main problem with GPS Smartphone apps is that they consume too much space in your Smartphone. When you are using your Smartphone as a GPS unit, it becomes really difficult to use your Smartphone for calling. That means you have to stop the primary function of Smartphone so that you can use it as a regular GPS unit.

wo6For beginners, it becomes really difficult to use a Smartphone app as a GPS unit. You will have to learn the tricks for mounting your Smartphone as a GPS unit. The GPS apps that are installed on your Smartphone consume a huge amount of your battery charge. So, if you are going to use your Smartphone as a GPS unit, you need to ensure you have a car charger with you.

wo7You can use a regular GPS unit in all weather conditions without worrying about a plug point to charge. A Smartphone cannot be used in such a scenario. GPS units have a better battery life compared to Smartphone and are waterproof and dustproof. Another advantage of a regular GPS unit over a Smartphone app is that you can use regular GPS units anywhere at any time. The viewing capability of regular GPS units is better compared to a Smartphone.

So, make a choice of the navigation tool you prefer depending on your requirement-a GPS savvy Smartphone or a standalone GPS unit.

How much should you spend on a blow dryer

I was out to purchase a good gift for my roommate on her wedding when I saw a gorgeous girl stepping out from a salon with a perfectly blow-dried hair. I remembered this friend who was getting married and her countless bad hair days.  She had a frizzy mop of hair that were so rough and unruly that she used to apply a variety of styling products and go for a regular blow dry at the salon to get manageable hair for a week. She had been spending about $50-60 per visit and was really irked by this expense.

wo1At that very moment, I decided to gift a blow dryer on her wedding, to help her a little in managing her hair and budget in the new phase of her life. So, I headed towards the local appliances store.  Prior to this, I believed that all blow dryers are same and purchasing it must be very easy and economical. But I was surprised to know about so many aspects of this styling gadget. I am sharing my newly acquired knowledge with you to help you if you too are searching for a good blow dryer.

wo2A good blow dryer comes in the $150-200. But with the kind of care and styling flexibility it provides it will justify its cost from the day one.  The high-end blow dryers have the nano-beads for conditioning. It preserves the natural moisture of hair by sealing hair cuticles. As a result, you get the glossy and silky hair every time you need to sparkle.

A cheaper option will come in static temperature setting, so limiting you with one temperature. You may either burn your hair with or have no effect on your unmanageable hair. But by spending a few tens of dollars more you can get a blow dryer with up to three temperature settings and two or three-speed settings. It will give you the perfect combination of temperature and blow to match your need.

wo3The quality of parts like plastic and ceramic heating plates will be better thus ensuring durability and reliability of your blow dryer. If the plates are metallic you may cut down on price but you may have to pay back by damaging your hair. This can be worse. The good quality ionic dryers have the advantage of retaining natural hair moisture because of negatively charged ions.

So, in my view, it is better to invest in quality style gadgets then running to get some remedial help later after suffering a severe damage due to a wrong blow hair dryer.